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Cultural and Spiritual Journey in Japan: Mastery in Reiki, Meditation, and Rural Japanese Tradition

9 May - 20 May

This 12-day journey in Japan offers a unique opportunity to practice, delve deeper into, or discover the spirituality and folklore of Japan. It’s a chance to become a Reiki master and enhance your meditation practice.

Exploring and experiencing Japanese culture and spirituality in its homeland is a one-of-a-kind experience that will forever transform your life and your understanding of Japanese traditions, including Reiki and meditation.

Each morning, you’ll enjoy Reiki and meditation classes at Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, truly special spiritual places. In the afternoons, you’ll immerse yourself in the culture and folklore of rural Japan, the lesser-known side of Japan.

This immersive journey will take place in Tono, Iwate, one of the few places in Japan that preserves these traditions without catering to tourism. Here, you’ll participate in the Tea Ceremony (Chadô), uncover the Legends of Tono, visit Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, meet their guardians, practice Reiki and meditation in sacred places, share moments with local farmers, healers, craftsmen, and traders, enjoy the beauty of the Japanese countryside, and discover the magic of rice fields in spring. Of course, you’ll also have an immersion in the rich Japanese culinary culture.

Only 8 spots available!

Weren’t considering taking the Reiki mastery course but interested in the trip? Contact Jordi to discuss the possibilities 😊 info@jordiibern.com | +34 692 046 404″



  • Complete Reiki Mastery Course
  • Reiki Classes at Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines
  • Meditation at Temples and Shrines
  • Sacred Forests and Mountains
  • Personalized Visit to the Tono Museum
  • Dinners and Meetings with Local Community Members
  • Tea Ceremony
  • “Legends of Tono and the Mountain Gods”
  • Special Dinners
  • Conversations with Local Artisans and Merchants
  • Japanese Pottery: Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Tradition
  • Rural Tourism
  • Walks in Rice Fields and Mountains
  • 2 Nights in Tokyo in a Double Room
  • 8 Nights in Tono in a Double Room
  • Very Special Meals and Dinners
  • Reiki Mastery Diploma awarded by Kisetsu, Reiki & Meditation School
  • Reiki Lineage Certificate awarded by Kisetsu, Reiki & Meditation School
  • Japanese-Spanish-Catalan-English-speaking Guide throughout the trip

Visits and workshops, in addition to classes, are specifically chosen for a cultural and spiritual immersion into traditional Japan — less accessible to tourists.


Tono, Iwate, Japan

Tono is a little Japanese gem located about 500 km northeast of Tokyo. It is still preserved from the chaos of the country’s main tourist destinations. With a population of only twenty-eight thousand inhabitants, Tono has more than fifty local groups specialized in folk dances and rituals: Shishiodori, Kagura, Sansa or Nanbubayashi, some of them recognized as intangible world heritage by UNESCO. In addition, in Tono there are Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, sacred mountains and magical forests that are worth a visit.

Tono is recognized, nationally and internationally, as the cradle of Japanese folk tales: Stories transmitted orally for centuries until they were compiled and edited by the father of Japanese ethnology, Kunio Yanagita, under the title “Legends of Tono” (1910). A special atmosphere permeates Tono; Stories about deceitful spirits, wise gods, and special human beings are easily heard from the mouths of city dwellers, who are happy to share them if asked.

The trip is thoughtfully planned to give you a special and genuine spiritual and cultural Japanese experience.

Organisation Team
Reiki and Meditation: Kisetsu Reiki & Meditation School with Jordi Ibern, a Reiki and meditation instructor with over 20 years of experience.

Organizer and guide in Japan: Renata Piazza, a graduate in Japanese culture and a Ph.D. in Asian politics.
Spanish and English (we are also fluent in Japanese, Italian, and Catalan).

All classes and explanations are offered in both languages (Spanish and English). Exceptionally, they can be conducted in a single language if all students are fluent in it.

Dates for 2024: May 9th to 20th
May 9, 2024: Departure from the home country if traveling from Europe or the Middle East.

May 10, 2024: Arrival in Tokyo and meeting with Jordi and Renata.
May 11, 2024: Stay in Tokyo and visit the mausoleum of Usui Sensei, founder of Usui Reiki Ryoko.
May 12, 2024: Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Tono, Iwate.
May 20, 2024: Bullet train from Tono to Tokyo and the end of the retreat.
May 20, 2024: Departure from Tokyo after 18:00 hours.
It’s not mandatory to depart on May 20, but if you book a flight for that day, it must depart from one of Tokyo’s airports (Narita or Haneda) after 18:00 hours.

€4,300 (TAX included)

The price includes the complete Reiki mastery course and all necessary materials, as well as the diploma and lineage certificate awarded by Kisetsu Reiki & Meditation School. It covers all Reiki classes in Japan, meditation sessions, round-trip bullet train from Tokyo to Tono, all transportation within Tono, two nights in Tokyo, eight nights in Tono, all meals in Tono, all cultural and artistic activities in the program, the Chadô (Tea Ceremony), museum visit, and a guide fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English, and Japanese throughout the entire trip.

The price does NOT include: round-trip flights to Japan, transportation from Tokyo airport to the city center, meals in Tokyo, extra expenses for shopping or gifts, or special beverages during meals (water and tea are included in all meals).

Inscriptions and payment

To secure your spot, we ask you to read and accept the terms and conditions at the following link: Terms and Reservation. You will also find information on payment methods at this link.
Contact Jordi if you have questions: +34692046404 / info@jordiibern.com
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Tono, Prefectura de Iwate Japón
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